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Safe, secure and sustainable procurement that supports deliciousness

Partnership with producer

In the scale of our COMPANIES business, we believe that medium- to long-term partnerships with producers are indispensable in order to purchase high-quality ingredients throughout the year. By continuing to associate for multiple years, you can continue to purchase high-quality ingredients regardless of the market price. Since the producer side can systematically ship ingredients and anticipate the selling price, some say that dealings with our company lead to stable management and employment. The relationship of trust between the producers and our company has helped to protect and nurture Japanese fisheries and agriculture, and is the cornerstone of the new challenge of fish farming and rice production, which we are collaborating with.

Future sustainable fishery resources

As the global climate change, marine pollution caused by marine plastics, etc. become more serious, and the trend of fish consumption increases due to the growing global health consciousness, we will protect the marine fishery resources mainly handled by this COMPANIES and connect it to the future. Is a very important issue.
We are pursuing the sustainability of various marine fishery resources by thoroughly using each part properly so as not to waste the landed resources, and by providing technical support to processing factories including overseas. In order to innovate in advanced food tech fields such as biotechnology and genome editing technology, PtBio Inc. and Regional Fish Institute, Ltd. have started joint research.”

Challenge to aquaculture

OWASEBUSSAN.Co.,Ltd., which has been a supplier for 20 years and focuses on yellowtail aquaculture, is one of the companies in which we have a capital participation. We are collaborating with our company to expand and provide a stable supply of farmed fish.
Owase Bussan Co., Ltd. not only works on the development and establishment of advanced aquaculture technology, but also strives to prevent marine pollution caused by fish food. And perform effective feeding that finely adjusts the size and amount of food and the pace of feeding according to the growth of the fish.
Also, not only quality but also safety is guaranteed. Yellowtail and Hamachi are delivered to stores nationwide.

Effective use of important resources

In addition to “SUSHIRO,” we are developing brands such as the kaiten sushi “Kaisen Misakiko,” which has craftsmen in many stores, the popular sushi izakaya(Japanese-style pub) “Sugitama,” and the sushi take-out specialty store “Kyotaru.” increase. Our main product is SUSHIRO, which has more than 600 stores in Japan alone, but due to the large number of stores, we cannot line up ingredients that cannot be secured in a large quantity. However, if you purchase fish, there will always be rare parts that can only be taken from one fish. That’s why we started an initiative to use different ingredients throughout COMPANIES beyond the boundaries of the brand.
For example, “SUSHIRO” is used for the part of the tuna that is suitable for gripping. The head is boiled by craftsmen at “Kaisen Misakiko”. For example, “Sugitama” is used as a side dish for sake, which can only be removed by hand.
“Kaisen Misakiko” where you can handle whole fish in the store and arrange detailed cooking. “Sugitama” where you can enjoy rare parts that are difficult to provide with “SUSHIRO” as a single dish. We believe that COMPANIES’ unique strength is to use up all the ingredients without waste while making the best use of the characteristics of each brand.
For the past few years, we have been procuring “SUSHIRO” in bulk, including shrimp with cut tails and unused fish (fish that are out of specification or have a small catch and are not shipped to the market). Even if it cannot be used as sushi, it is only if there is a scheme that can provide a menu suitable for the ingredients of the day, such as arranging tempura or tartar at “Kaisen Misakiko” or “Sugitama”. It contributes to reducing food loss not only in stores but also in processing plants.

Technical guidance overseas

In order to provide customers with stable and high-quality products, we consider the development of overseas production areas to be an important issue. Since 2016, procurement personnel have been traveling overseas to directly deal with local producers in search of better quality material.
The first place to start such an initiative is Chile, which boasts the world’s largest catch of sea urchins. Chilean sea urchins are large, sweet and of outstanding quality, but the local processing factory has processes such as “washing” and “blanching”, which spoils the flavor of the sea urchins.

Therefore, our procurement staff directly instruct local employees in order to review the problematic process. We succeeded in freezing the sea urchin while maintaining the quality of the sea urchin, and the sea urchin provided at the store was well received by customers.
So far, more than 20 countries / regions have purchased ingredients through such efforts. At the same time as leading to further improvement of product appeal, it also contributes to technological improvement and job creation at overseas fishery processing plants.

SUSHIRO exclusive rice

The life of sushi is rice. I think rice is another protagonist of sushi. Since 2011, “SUSHIRO” has been working on the harvest of “SUSHIRO exclusive rice” in cooperation with the production area with the full cooperation of ZENNOH Pearl Rice Co., Ltd. The amount of rice used in stores nationwide amounts to about 20,000 tons per year, but the taste and yield of rice, which is an agricultural product, varies depending on the weather of the year. By having specific producers and producers produce varieties that are suitable as sushi rice and can be expected to yield a stable yield, we are able to provide the ideal sushi rice for “SUSHIRO” every day.

For the past few years, we have been working on the development of sushi rice to realize more delicious sushi rice, while having direct dialogues with producers.
Many producers say, “It’s worth making when you know where and how it’s eaten.” Keeping in mind the protection of Japanese rice culture, we will continue to cooperate with various production areas and continue to harvest rice exclusively for SUSHIRO.

Allergen / origin information

In order to respond to various customers’ visits, we provide allergen information to the grand menu and promotional products while updating it from time to time. In addition, in accordance with the “Guidelines for Labeling the Origin of Eating Out” published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, information on the origin of raw materials for each product is also disclosed. We use only ingredients imported from overseas that meet domestic standards.

* Other allergens that are not originally included in the menu may unintentionally adhere or mix during factory manufacturing or store cooking.
* Desserts, drinks and toppings (sauces, seasonings, etc.) are not displayed.
* We may purchase from other countries due to the influence of the weather and the convenience of procurement.