Our mission is for each and every customer to savor the tastiest sushi.
Astounding our customers with “great taste at great prices.”
This was the core concept when Sushiro launched a single stand-up kaiten sushi store
years ago. It continues to be our defining aim today.
※The following countries or regions are listed in order of the establishment of each company.

Kyotaru shops specialize in sushi takeout. They offer a wide variety of items. These include such old standbys as chakin sushi and other kamigata sushi made with traditional techniques, Edomae sushi with its fresh ingredients, and the rolled-style maki-zushi options. Kyotaru adds its own “spirit” to the classic Japanese dish that is sushi, and through that in turn that spirit is passed on to its customers.

Kaisen Misakiko is a kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi restaurants with sushi offerings that range from 121 yen on up. These shops use a wide variety of fish for their sushi, including seasonal recommendations. The spaces are bright and open, so even a customer who comes on their own will feel at ease.

With delicious sushi and bar snacks at reasonable prices, a drink always tastes great.
In Japan, a ball made from cedar twigs (a sugidama) is hung from the eaves of a brewery when new sake is brewed as a token of gratitude offered to the god of sake.
The Sugidama brand of izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) serves sushi and bar snacks tasty enough to impress the god of sake, at prices that are excellent value for money.

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