July 1975Opened by the founder as Tai Sushi in Abeno Ward, Osaka City
October 1984Opened restaurant #1 in Toyonaka City
September 1988Founded Sushi Taro K.K. and opened restaurant #1 in Suita City, Osaka
September 1996Opened one plate 100yen restaurant in Kawanishi City, Hyogo
August 1999Merged Sushi Taro (Toyonaka) and Sushi Taro (Suita)
December 2000Changed firm name to Akindo Sushiro Co., Ltd.
Moved headquarters to Tsuruno, Settsu City, Osaka; integrated new processing plant and warehouse into headquarters
September 2003Listed stock in Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
February 2004Abolished processing plant in headquarters
April 2006Moved headquarter registration to Suita City, Osaka
August 2007Strategic operational partnership with Kyokuyo Co., Ltd. and Unison Capital Group
April 2009Delisted stock on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
April 2011Established subsidiary Sushiro Korea, Inc. (consolidated subsidiary) in Seoul, South Korea
January 2015Opened new format restaurant #1 of ‘Tsumamigui’ in Nakameguro (Closed October 2015)
March 2015Established Akindo Sushiro Holdings Inc. through a share transfer, and transitioned to a holdings company system
October 2015Revised firm name from Akindo Sushiro Holdings Inc. to Sushiro Global Holdings Inc.
October 2015Established Sushiro Creative Dining Inc. (consolidated subsidiary) through an incorporation-type company split
November 2015Opened new format restaurant #1 of ‘Nanami no sachi’ in Nakameguro (Closed June 2016)
April 2016Acquired all stock of CEI US Holdings Corporation (currently Sushiro U.S. Holdings Inc.), which has sushi-related Japanese cuisine restaurants in the US, and converted to a subsidiary (consolidated subsidiary)
September 2016Opened Sushiro Minami-Ikebukuro as restaurant #1 in heart of Tokyo
March 2017Listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange
August 2017Established Sushiro Taiwan Co., Ltd. as subsidiary in Taipei, Taiwan
August 2017Opened new format restaurant #1 of “Sugidama” in Nishinomiya
September 2017Entered capital and business partnership with Shinmei Co., Ltd. and Genki Sushi (extinguished June 2019)
October 2018Established Sushiro GH Singapore Pte. Ltd. subsidiary in Singapore
January 2019Established Sushiro Hongkong Limited subsidiary in Hong Kong
May 2019Entered into a strategic operational partnership to fund sushi take-out franchise Wasabi Sushi Bento Limited with 13.5 million British pounds centered in London, UK through joint investment SPV (special purpose venture) comprising Capdesia Group Limited, a private equity fund investing in the European eatery service industry
February 2020Established Sushiro GH (Thailand) Ltd. subsidiary in the Kingdom of Thailand
May 2020Established a joint venture Sharetea Japan Inc. together with LIAN FA International Dining Business Co., Ltd.
January 2021Established Guangzhou Sushiro Restaurants Co., Ltd. sub-subsidiary in China
April 2021Changed firm name from Sushiro Global Holdings Co., Ltd. to FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES LTD.
April 2021Changed firm name from Sushiro Creative Dining Co., Ltd. to FOOD & LIFE INNOVATION LTD.
April 2021Acquired all stocks of Kyotaru Co., Ltd. and converted to subsidiary (consolidated subsidiary)
April 2022Established Shenzhen Sushiro Restaurants Co., Ltd. sub-subsidiary in China
April 2022Established Chengdu Sushiro Restaurants Co., Ltd. sub-subsidiary in China