Employees with disabilities

Numerical Data

Composition of employees with disabilities
by type of disability

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Composition of employees with disabilities
by age group

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*As of September 30, 2023

Active roles played at F&LC


Active roles played in operations selected according to the characteristics of the employee

The term “disability” is used in one word, but its characteristics are very diverse. At F&LC, we have a wide range of operations, including cooking assistance, cleanup, customer services and sales. We also offer diverse workplace options, including restaurants, and central kitchens. We have a system which carefully looks for appropriate jobs to allocate to people with disabilities through workplace observation and hands-on practice. This enables them to continue playing active roles for the long term leveraging the characteristics of each employee.

A subsidiary established to promote the employment of people with disabilities

F&LC Support Co. Ltd. which was established in July 2022 as a subsidiary of FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES, was certified as a special subsidiary in January 2023. We currently operate a cleaning business and a shared services business. The cleaning business is responsible for the cleaning operations of each COMPANIES business to improve the cleanliness of the stores. In the shared services business, we are entrusted by COMPANIES to perform a variety of administrative and other tasks. In each of our cleaning and shared service businesses, each employee is able to demonstrate their individuality and play an active role. In the future, we will develop new businesses and aim to become a company where diverse human resources can play an active role in order to provide more people with disabilities with a place where they can work energetically.

Support system


A work support system, in which a dedicated team plays a leading role

We have a dedicated team which supports people with disabilities in working for the company. Members of the dedicated team continue to support new staff members with disabilities until they settle into their jobs, by sharing information with employees in charge of restaurants, supporters, families and the staff members themselves. Consultation is available at any time, allowing these staff members to work with a sense of security.

Instructions given in consideration of the characteristics of employee’s disabilities

We provide work instructions to staff members with disabilities in consideration of their abilities and the characteristics of their disabilities, so that they can adapt to work procedures smoothly. We have also prepared a manual for employees who work with these staff members, deepening their understanding of the characteristics of employee’s disabilities, how to treat staff members with disabilities, and how to give instructions to them.