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Diversity of international employees
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*As of September 30, 2023



International human resources are 50% of the staff members at some of our restaurants.

At our restaurants, many international people work as part-time staff members. They are a majority at some restaurants. We have many international customers at some of our restaurants where our international staff members use their first languages while serving customers.

Using multilingual manuals to support in learning how to work

Many international students working for restaurants of F&LC have chosen the company as their first place of part-time employment in Japan. We have created manuals and other documents in multiple languages to enable these students to learn how to work without taking much time, even if they are not familiar with Japanese.

Supporting work while respecting cultures

We have established dress codes for our workers that respects the cultures of many countries and regions. For example, in some business categories, staff members are allowed to wear a hijab (a scarf-like cloth worn by Muslim women) at work. We understand the languages, cultures, and values of the home countries of the people who work with us and we believe it is important to work to understand their feelings when communicating with them.

Regular employees


Active roles played by international employees in Japan and other countries

At F&LC, we have international employees who play active roles in various positions in Japan and other countries. Some of them support the operation of our restaurants in Japan and other countries using their first languages while others work as restaurant managers in Japan. We provide opportunities for their active participation in many countries, enabling these employees to take advantage of their own strengths in the development of their careers.

Opening restaurants in employees’ home countries

Some international employees have involved in opening of new restaurants in their home countries taking advantage of the experience they gained operating restaurants in Japan. They are letting the world know the sushi culture of Japan by applying their efficient restaurant operations and service skills to make customers happy at restaurants in their home countries. We plan to continue to expand the number of overseas restaurant that we open, so we will continue to fully support these people to enable their continued success.