Numerical Data

Breakdown of part-time workers by age group

学生データ 学生データ

Percentage of regular employees promoted from part-time positions



F&LC has been selected by many part-time
workers as their place for regular employment or
the company they join as new graduates.

*As of September 30, 2023

Part-time Workers


Students constitute the majority of our part-time workers

Students are the majority of the people working for F&LC part time. Our restaurants are busy especially on weekends and in the evening. This means that students are welcome to work during hours that are convenient for them. Because shifts can be changed flexibly, students can balance work and study or club activities and therefore continue working for a long time. Even people with no experience can start working with peace of mind because their senior comrades carefully teach them.

We accept high school student and older students, permitting them to grow personally through interactions with people from a wide range of generations.

Students in their first year of high school are the youngest workers we accept at our restaurants. The experience of working with people from a wide range of generations and with diverse backgrounds will be valuable to them when they become working members of society. The experience of feeling that they have made customers happy and working as one with all the other staff members of the restaurant to achieve its targets enables students to achieve their own personal growth in ways that are different from the growth achieved through their schooling.

Helping students balance work and study by granting scholarships

We financially support first- to third-year students of four-year universities in Japan by granting scholarships to them. We provide financial support so that the people working with us will not have to give up on receiving or continuing to receive a university education for financial reasons.

Career guidance for students


Proactively promoting part-time workers to regular employee positions to provide opportunities for further personal development

At F&LC, we proactively promote part-time workers to positions as regular employees. We believe that having excellent part-time workers of our restaurants try jobs with a more stable employment status will lead to the further development of the workers and the company. In the fiscal year ended September 2023, 41.9% of all new regular employees were promoted from part-time positions. Thus, many part-time workers have selected F&LC as their place of regular employment or joined the company as new graduates.

Support for students starting their job hunt or their life as a working member of society

One of our welfare programs for students working part-time is our Job-Hunt Support Seminars. With our officers and recruitment employee serving as lecturers, we give seminars on various themes, such as industry analysis, self-analysis, how to succeed in job interviews and how to make use of the experience of working part-time in job-hunting activities. We fully support the job-hunting activities of the students working for us part-time so that after graduation they can start life as working members of society at companies where they can accomplish brilliant things.