Workstyle support

Creation of a work environment that is comfortable for anyone

We have introduced systems and programs that enable employees to change their workstyles flexibly according to changes in their lifestyles. We also focus our efforts on reducing their workload. We will establish an environment where anyone can work energetically, so that even more diverse human resources will have opportunities to play active roles.

Childcare and nursing care

Corporate nursery schools


We have formed a partnership with corporate nursery schools to enable employees on childcare leave to return to work as soon as possible.

Support for employees
taking Family Time
(maternity and childcare leave)


To help employees take maternity and childcare leave, we talk with employees who wish to take the leave and share with them stories about the experiences of people who have taken leave.

Employee Interview

Using a childcare guidebook
to raise awareness of Family Time


The guidebook shows how to take maternity and childcare leave and what life with a baby is like, thus deepening employees’ understanding of childcare.

Shorter working hours
for childcare


We offer shorter working hours to employees with pre-school children.

Caregiving leave


We have systems that enable people to balance work and nursing care, including nursing care leave and shorter working hours.

Childcare Leave for Spouse


A special two days paid leave system is available when an employee’s spouse gives birth.

Workstyles and holidays

Place of work options


We respond to employees’ desires regarding their place of work by offering them options, including anywhere in Japan, workplaces in specific regions and workplaces in specific smaller areas.

Dress code

企業アイコン 企業アイコン 企業アイコン

We revise our dress code to respect diverse values and cultures and in accordance with the changes of the times.

Employee Interview

Company-wide holidays


In 2019, we introduced two annual company-wide holidays when all restaurants are closed to promote the creation of a comfortable work environment.

Encouraging employees
to take five consecutive holidays


We encourage employees to take five consecutive holidays twice a year. Thus, we give employees time to spend with their families and to enjoy hobbies.

Paid leave stockpiling system

企業アイコン 企業アイコン 企業アイコン 企業アイコン

We have a system that allows employees to accumulate up to 5 days of forfeited annual paid leave per year, up to a maximum of 40 days in total. Which can be used in the event of an extended absence due to nursing care, child care, physical injury or illness.

Secondary and
Concurrent Jobs System

企業アイコン 企業アイコン 企業アイコン 企業アイコン

We have system that allows employees to engage in work outside of their main job during non-working hours,allowing them to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Employee Interview

Reduction of workload

Improving operational efficiency using IT


We reduce the labor necessary in restaurant operations by fully leveraging industry-first, state-of-the-art systems and technologies. We have introduced an app, an automated system that shows customers to tables, self-checkout machines, automated takeaway lockers and other technologies. By reducing the labor necessary, we have reduced the workload borne by employees and built an environment where they can devise extra creative measures regarding the products and services provided at restaurants and secure time for themselves.

Rules on work communication
on days off

企業アイコン 企業アイコン

We have established rules regarding communication between employees, to keep employees away from unnecessary work communication during days off.

Interview with an employee who took Family Time (maternity and paternity leave)

Akindo Sushiro, Store Manager Period of paternity leave: 6 weeks

What made you take Family Time (paternity leave)?

“Congratulations! You should definitely take Family Time!’’ these warm words from my supervisor motivated me to take Family Time. Although I was interested in taking paternity leave, I was concerned that since I am the store manager, taking paternity leave myself would increase the burden on my colleagues at the store and in the area. However, when I reported my partner’s pregnancy to my supervisor, he gave me a positive boost to spend precious time with my family.

What was the good thing about taking Family Time (paternity leave)?

The time I spent with my newborn child and my family of three was very precious and happy. Another benefit of taking Family Time was that I was able to take the initiative in caring for my child. As it was my first child, raising my child was always a struggle, but I am really glad that I was able to spend time with my wife and share both joys and worries.

How do you feel after returning to work?

After completing 6 weeks of paternity leave, I returned to the store where I worked. All the part-time staff members welcomed me with a smile.
Sushiro’s new menu is made at a fast pace, and the products were replaced before and after I took paternity leave, but thanks to the support of those around me, I quickly got used to it and was able to operate the store as usual.
Thanks to my colleagues for following up!

Interview with employee regarding dress code reform

Akindo Sushiro, Area Manager

Your thoughts about new dress code

We are looking at the dress code change in a very positive way!
I am happy that an environment have been created, where each employee can work while valuing their individuality. At the same time, I hope to carefully educate them on the importance of treating customers and colleagues with even greater sincerity as they have more freedom.

Impact on job performance

I feel that there are many positive impacts, but the best thing is that the number of employees who work with enthusiasm has increased.
Employees are working with more of their own personalities than ever before, and there has been an increase in the number of topics of conversation among employees. I think the atmosphere in the store has become brighter.
Also, from a store management perspective, it’s good that more people can now play an active role in the store.With the change in dress code, the people who join us are even more diverse than before, and we have more people to work with. I believe that each of these changes leads to better service for our customers.

Interview with employee who have secondary job

Akindo Sushiro, Assistant Manager (Right side of the picture)

Your secondary job

I coach wrestling for high school students.
I was a wrestler when I was a student, and I wanted to use that experience to help people develop, so I started coaching. I am able to turn my favorite hobby into a secondary job, which motivates me to put more effort into my main job.

How do you balance your main job with your secondary job?

I think it’s important to prioritize your main job and decide how much time you’ll spend on your secondary job so that you can also secure time for your own personal life. I clearly divide my time between my two jobs. When I’m working on my main job, I concentrate firmly on my work, and on my days off, I try to work on my secondary job for 2-3 hours. Thanks to this, I am able to successfully balance the two and lead a fulfilling life.

Good things about starting a secondary job

I am glad that I was able to utilize the experience I gained from my secondary job in my main job. Since I started coaching high school students, I have been able to see things from the perspective of teenagers who are of a different generation than me. At Sushiro, (my main job) many high school students work part-time, and I feel that it has become more easier to communicate with them than before.
In addition, by participating in communities outside the company, I have expanded my topics and knowledge, and have had more conversations with senior employees and colleagues at my main job.
I will continue to take on challenges and aim for self-realization!