Disclosure Policy

1.Guideline for Disclosure of Information/Investor Relations Activity

The guideline for investor relations activities of FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES (“the Company”) is to disclose relevant information in a timely, fair, and accurate manner to various stakeholders, particularly capital market participants including shareholders, investors, and analysts. This information is useful for corporate valuations and investment decisions, and includes our corporate policies, financial performance, business strategies, and other key figures. Accordingly, we will create opportunities, such as interviews with institutional investors and analysts, and earnings results briefings, for dialogue with participants in capital markets. We also utilize our IR website and other tools to actively disclose important information that will be useful for making investment decisions. Additionally, even for information for which these basic policies do not apply, if the Company determines that such information will have a material impact on decision-making for investment in the Company or that it will be useful in furthering understanding of the Company, the Company discloses such information in a fair, timely and appropriate manner.

2.Methods of Disclosure

Concerning information to which Timely Disclosure Regulations apply, such information disclosed by the Company via “TDNet” (Timely Disclosure network: a system for timely disclosure) and EDINET (Electronic Disclosure for Investors’ NETwork: the electronic disclosure system for disclosure documents such as securities reports under the Financial Instruments, and Exchange Act) will then be published on the Company’s website. The Company also endeavors to disseminate information which is out of the scope of Timely Disclosure Regulations as fairly and widely as possible through the Company’s website or other proper means.

3.Quiet Period

To prevent leaks of the Company’s financial results and ensure fairness, the Company sets a quiet period that starts from the next day of the last day of each quarterly accounting period and ends when the financial statements for such period are released by the Company. During the quiet period, the Company refrains from responding to questions on its financial results or related matters. However, even during the quiet period, information that falls under the Rules on Timely Disclosure stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange is disclosed in a timely and appropriate manner.

4.Business Results Forecasts and Forward-looking Statements

Among the information disclosed by the Company, any plan, estimation, prediction, expectation or other forward-looking information relating to the Company is based on the Company’s assumptions and beliefs derived from the information available to it as of the date of disclosure, and is not an assurance or guarantee that such plan will be implemented or results will be achieved as projected. Factors such as economic conditions, market trends in the food industry, shifts in customer preferences and fluctuations in the price of raw materials may cause the actual operating results, financial position and other results of the Company to differ materially from those discussed in the disclosed information or inferences made therefrom.