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Our Group has steadily expanded its evolution and network of SUSHIRO stores, bringing delicious sushi to as many people as possible. Thanks to the support we received from customers, since March 2011 Sushiro has been the sales leader in kaiten (revolving) sushi industry. Currently our focus is on diversification, including developing new business formats such as the casual sushi izakaya (Japanese-style pub) SUGIDAMA. We are also expanding our network of overseas Sushiro locations, and have increased our stake in the U.K. firm WASABI Sushi Bento Limited. This time, KYOTARU has become our companion. With this in mind, to broaden our business scope, accelerate global expansion, and facilitate further growth, on April 1, 2021, Sushiro Global Holdings will change its corporate name to FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES LTD. This new name incorporates the values of FOOD (enriching the lives of customers through food), LIFE (valuing life in the form of the rice and fish we receive from nature), and COMPANIES (employees and group companies working together to realize our dreams). I would like to express my appreciation to all stakeholders, and ask for your continued support as we adopt this new identity