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COMPANIES is “Discovering new tastiness, Sharing moments of joy.” In order to continue to deliver safe and delicious food to our customers, it is essential to make sustainable efforts with an eye on the future in our business activities.
Above all, in these days when marine fishery resources are declining, we believe that “sustainable procurement of marine products” and “employment creation and diversity” in the regions where we carry out our business activities are important initiatives.
And, as the company name “FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES” shows, we will deepen our sustainable efforts, increase the number of COMPANIES (friends) who aspire together all over the world, and spread the joy of delicious food to every corner of the world. We will enrich people’s lives and lives.

F&LC and SDGs

Of the 17 goals of the SDGs, our sustainability efforts are, in particular, “Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth”, “Goal 14 Life below water”, “Goal 12 Responsible consumption and production”, “Goal 15 Life on land”. We are deeply involved in “Let’s protect affluence” and “Goal 17 Partnerships for the goals”, and we believe that we have a responsibility to realize the blessings of sustainable food that will continue into the future.

With the value chain Sustainability initiatives


Supports deliciousness
Safe, secure and sustainable procurement

As the global climate change, marine pollution caused by marine plastics, etc. become more serious, and the trend of fish consumption increases due to the growing global health consciousness, we will protect the marine fishery resources mainly handled by this COMPANIES and connect it to the future. Is a very important issue.
We are pursuing the sustainability of various marine fishery resources by thoroughly using each part properly so as not to waste the landed resources, and by providing technical support to processing factories including overseas.
By making stable, medium- to long-term contracts with producers and business partners, we can improve the quality of the ingredients we produce, which also leads to the continuous provision of safe, secure and delicious food to our customers. I am.
Looking to the future, we are also conducting research in the fields of advanced food tech such as biotechnology and genome editing technology with colleagues from all over the world (COMPANIES).

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Continue to be delicious
Reduction of food loss and reduction of environmental load

“Use limited resources carefully”. This has been a spirit that has taken root since the company was founded, and it is a matter of course for us.
The development of menus using traditional Japanese cooking methods that allow you to enjoy delicious fish bones, and the construction of a scheme that uses up all the ingredients beyond the boundaries of the brand have naturally led to a reduction in food loss.
In addition, we can say that our strength is our industry-leading IT-based initiatives. By precisely predicting the number of customers visiting our stores and the products they require, we are not only reducing the amount of waste, but also saving labor for workers and improving customer satisfaction.
In the future, we will consider the global environment by introducing solar panels at the stores we operate and considering reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable energy and expanding the use of energy storage in the event of a disaster. We will aim for a sustainable society by accelerating these efforts.

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COMPANIES spread all over the world
Aiming to realize both job satisfaction and economic growth

Currently, this COMPANIES operates more than 1000 stores worldwide, and we have about 60,000 employees who work together. Promote Diversity & Inclusion more than ever in order to realize the “Diversity and respect for individuality. To continuously raise the standards of our Group, we will respect diversity and encourage different viewpoints and talents.” We will continue to create employment as our business grows. The existence of diverse human resources does not make sense. By utilizing each person’s strengths and fostering a system and culture that makes them feel that they are contributing to the organization, we would like to create new value as COMPANIES, such as management results and social contributions.

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Supporting the value chain Corporate governance

Corporate governance is indispensable for supporting sustainable and sound business activities. We will establish a management system that can direct the awareness and business activities of all officers and employees, and realize fair and highly transparent management.

Corporate Governance Report
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Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

F&LC Group uses a wide variety of marine and agricultural produce as raw ingredients, it sees climate change as one of the key management risks it faces, and is committed to disclosing climate-related information in accordance with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

TCFD Recommendations