Framework for
Sustainability Management

Framework for Sustainability Management

We have defined our basic approach to sustainability management in order to realize a sustainable society. We are now implementing initiatives based on this approach, with our executive management team monitoring the situation. We have also put into place a promotion framework for continuous improvement of our business operations.


Basic approach

The Group’s Vision is “Discovering new tastiness, Sharing moments of joy.” In order to continue to deliver safe and delicious food to our customers, we must carry out forward-looking sustainable initiatives in our business activities.
In particular, as natural marine fishery resources are declining in recent years, we believe that the sustainable procurement of fisheries and job creation and diversity in the communities where we operate are important initiatives.
As our company name FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES indicates, we will deepen our sustainable initiatives, increase the number of companies (subsidiaries) who aspire to work together around the world, spread the joy of tastiness to every corner of the world, and enrich people’s lives and living.


Promotion framework

The Board of Directors recognizes that sustainability initiatives, including climate change issues, are one of the important issues confronting management, and supervises them. Specifically, the Board of Directors deliberates on risks and opportunities related to sustainability, such as climate change issues, when formulating management strategies and plans, and receives reports from each Group company and division as necessary to provide oversight.
Having clearly positioned sustainability as a management issue for the entire Group, we established the Sustainability Promotion Committee, chaired by the President & CEO, to promote sustainability initiatives. The Sustainability Promotion Committee reports as appropriate to the Corporate Management Committee on the status of sustainability, including climate change responses and, in turn, receives instructions and advice. In addition, the President & CEO submits timely reports on the status of such matters to the Board of Directors.

Materiality Identification Process

The cross-functional Sustainability Promotion Committee held a series of discussions with management and identified seven material issues. The importance of these material issues was evaluated using a medium- to long-term time horizon with an emphasis on the perspectives of not only the company but also stakeholders. The opinions of external experts were also incorporated into this assessment process.

マテリアリティ特定プロセス マテリアリティ特定プロセス

Materiality map

From a medium- to long-term perspective, we mapped and narrowed down the importance of material issues by using the horizontal axis as a management perspective and the vertical axis as a stakeholder perspective, and identified the seven most important material issues. We treat the importance of the seven material issues equivalently.

重要度マップ 重要度マップ

ESG/SDGs Matrix and Materiality

The seven identified material issues are analyzed and organized from the perspectives of ESG, ISO 26000, and the 169 targets of the SDGs. We will work toward the long-term growth of our company and the resolution of global social issues.


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