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Community contribution, job creation

COMPANIES spread all over the world (friends)

In April 2021, SUSHIRO Global Holdings Co., Ltd. changed its name to FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES Co., Ltd. in order to accelerate the expansion of its business domain and global expansion and promote further growth.
In Japan alone, the number of SUSHIRO stores, which have maintained the No1 position in sales for 10 consecutive years in the Japanese kaiten sushi market, has exceeded 600. Going forward, we aim to continue opening 30 stores annually in Japan. Overseas, we recognize “East Asia” and “Southeast Asia”, which are highly accepted for sushi, as priority areas, and plan to accelerate global expansion.
In addition to having customers around the world enjoy the “goodness” of sushi, we also want to contribute to society by creating employment as stores expand.

Creating a comfortable workplace

At SUSHIRO, we are working to improve the work environment with an awareness of the ease of working of employees, such as thorough management of working hours, promotion of taking holidays of 108 days or more per year, and high salary levels in the food and beverage industry. In response to requests from employees and employees, we are flexibly trying to set up two simultaneous holidays at all stores every year. In addition, we support the career advancement of employees by providing training that suits the stage, such as joining-annual training and section manager promotion training.
The training unique to “SUSHIRO” that is particular about sushi is “Sushi Juku” where you can learn the knowledge of sushi. We believe that by having employees with knowledge and enthusiasm about sushi work at each store, we were able to achieve the feat of achieving the highest sales in Japan in the industry.
In addition, we actively provide career support to motivated human resources regardless of age or year through training and qualification acquisition.
At our company, we emphasize the ease of work of not only employees but also employees such as part-time workers. At each store, we strive to create a workplace where employees can feel rewarded by promoting growth by developing human resources tailored to individual characteristics. At SUSHIRO, about 60% of all part-time employees work for one year or more, and nearly 30% work for three years or more.
In addition, about 52% of new graduates who join the company (actual results in FY2019) have experience of part-time work.
In October 2021, we started a new “FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES Scholarship Program”. With the aim of providing a comfortable working environment for colleagues who work together, we provide financial support through benefit-type scholarships that do not require repayment so that you will not give up on college or advancement for financial reasons.

Promotion of food education

“SUSHIRO” is developing the “Go! Go! Kids Project” as an initiative to promote food education. As part of these activities, we are conducting “sushi education” to let people know the importance of “food” through rice planting and rice harvesting experiences and tours of aquaculture facilities where yellowtail.
We have been conducting rice planting and rice harvesting experience tours since 2015, and we will have you actually experience farming in the rice fields where you grow “SUSHIRO exclusive rice”. Many children see the rice ears and threshing before they become white rice for the first time, and it is crowded with many parents and children every year, which is an opportunity to foster gratitude to the producers.
At the aquaculture facility, you can experience the importance of marine fishery resources by observing the process from growing yellowtail, which is the source of sushi, to landing, processing, and becoming sushi.
In 2021, we held the first online class for children, “Kids Online SUSHIRO ‘s Hamachi no Himitsu,” where we learned about the ecology of the SUSHIRO and how to feed it.