Procurement Policy

Basic Procurement Policy

We at FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES LTD. (“F&LC”) aim for the realization of a sustainable society and corporate growth under the vision, “Discovering new tastiness, Sharing moments of joy.” We shall observe laws and regulations and social norms in the procurement of raw materials, etc. and continuously provide safe and secure products.
We strive to mutually and prosperously coexist our corporate activities with the environment and society in cooperation with our suppliers by implementing the matters described in the following items.

  1. Ethical procurement
    We procure products based on fairness, equitability and transparency and place the highest priority on the steady provision of safe and secure food to our customers.
  2. Compliance
    We observe the laws, regulations and social norms applicable to our business in the counties and regions in which we conduct our business.
  3. Quality and safety
    To ensure product quality and safety, we shall thoroughly implement quality control by related laws and regulations, our own assessments and conclusion of product standards.
    Moreover, we ensure the safety of products that is required by the Company through site inspections of production processes and audits.
  4. Respect for human rights and labor
    We observe international norms, respect the human rights of workers in our supply chain and we shall not take part in the infringement of human rights.
    We shall strive to create an environment that eliminates all forms of forced labor and child labor.
  5. Sustainability
    We strive to sustainably and effectively use resources, and strive to achieve procurement that considers the reduction of food loss, the improvement of production efficiency, biodiversity and the preservation of ecosystems.
  6. Anti-corruption
    We strive to prevent all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.
  7. Cooperation with partners
    We request that our suppliers, who are important business partners, understand this procurement policy and cooperate with us by means such as the conducting of self-checks.
    We are open to new suppliers in an equal manner.