Medium-term Management Plan

Consolidated revenue 240 billion JPY
Consolidated profit for the year 10 billion JPY
Growth rate of revenue and profit 10 %+/year (respectively)

Medium-term Management Plan
(FY2019/9 – FY2021/9)

Our group plans to further grow our business in domestic market and embark on the active expansion in overseas market over the course of 3 years, aiming to become a global sushi/Japanese dining service group with the JPY 1 trillion revenue in the future. Our group, therefore, actively pursues growth, with M&A as one of the growth options, and aims to achieve the following quantitative targets by the end of FY2021/9.

Strategic Framework

1 Continue to expand Sushiro brand in domestic market

Domestic store expansion continues to be one of the pillars for growth. We aim to open 30+ new Sushiro stores/year utilizing a various Sushiro models prepared to meet the changes in domestic demography and consumer behaviors.*Note: Sushiro brand includes 3 Sushiro models (standard + urban + conomi)

2 Cultivate new opportunities in other sushi-related markets with new brands

Actively pursue entry to various sushi-related markets, leveraging our procurement power and operational capability. ‘SUGIDAMA’ is one example of the newly-developed brands performing well since the initial launch and is planned for further store expansion by both direct operation and FC methods. Our group, in addition, continues to develop even more new brands.

3 Embark on the active expansion in overseas market

Focus on 3 regions (East Asia, Southeast Asia, North America) with high sushi receptivity, attractive market size and growth potential, using ‘deliciousness’ as a key competitive advantage, and aim to enter/operate in more than 5 countries and regions, achieve overseas revenue of JPY 20 billion and have 10%+ overseas stores of the total our group stores.

*For more about the Medium-term Management Plan FY19 – FY21, please see ‘FY2018 Financial Results Presentation Material’ in IR Library of this website.