Shareholders Benefits

Shareholders are entitled to receive a gift certificate twice a year valid for use in any restaurant operated by our Group in Japan.

Eligible Shareholders

Shareholders listed on the shareholder roster as of September 30 (end of fiscal year) and March 31 (end of midterm) and holding 1 unit (100 shares) or more of shares are eligible.

Amount of Benefit

You will be rewarded with a shareholder’s gift certificate twice yearly according to the number of shares you hold and to be redeemed at any restaurant operated by our Group in Japan.

Number of shares held Benefits
September record date March record date
100–199 shares 1,000 yen gift certificate 1,000 yen gift certificate
200–399 shares 1,500 yen gift certificate 1,500 yen gift certificate
400–799 shares 2,000 yen gift certificate 2,000 yen gift certificate
800–1,999 shares 4,000 yen gift certificate 4,000 yen gift certificate
2,000 shares or more 10,000 yen gift certificate 10,000 yen gift certificate


Twice yearly (to be mailed to shareholders in the last weeks of June and December each year.)

Period of validity

6 months

Notes on Use

  1. (1) Gift certificate redeemable at the following restaurants.
    •  ・All Sushiro restaurants in Japan
    •  ・All Sugidama restaurants in Japan
  2. (2)500 yen of the gift certificate can be redeemed for each 1,000 yen (taxes not included) of the bill.
  3. (3)Redeemable any day of the week.
  4. (4)Redeemable with other discount coupons.
  5. (5)Gift certificates that have expired may not be redeemed.
  6. (6)Gift certificates cannot be exchanged for cash.
  7. (7)Not redeemable for Internet pick-up orders.