Analyst Coverage

(Companey name in alphabetical order, Data as of April 1, 2024)

Company NameAnalyst (Title omitted)
CLSA Asia Pacific MarketsKazue Yanagisawa
Credit Suisse Securities (Japan)Takahiro Kazahaya
Daiwa SecuritiesShun Igarashi
Macquarie Capital Securities (Japan) Natsuko Douglas
Mizuho SecuritiesHideya Asaeda
Morgan Stanley MUFG SecuritiesMaki Shinozaki
Nomura SecuritiesDaiki Kobayashi
SMBC Nikko SecuritiesRyozo Minagawa


Cautionary Note

This list is prepared for the sole purpose of providing investors with the names of analysts at brokerage firms that issue analyses and forecasts of business performance of FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES (“the Company”) and other corporate developments. It is not intended to solicit or recommend the purchase or sale of the Company’s stock. Nor does it indicate endorsement of or agreement with the forecasts, opinions or recommendations of these analysts. The content of this list is current at the time of posting, and the Company confirmed that the analysts listed here issued reports about FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES as of this date. It is therefore possible that the list is no longer complete, in that it would not include analysts who began covering the Company after this date and would not reflect personnel changes or other updates concerning analysts that occurred after this date. Analysts make their own judgments about the Company’s status, including performance results, business activities, products and technologies, and derive performance forecasts and other outlook data independently. Neither the Company nor the executive team at the Company is involved in this process in any way whatsoever. Investors should use their own judgment when making any investment decisions and be prepared to take responsibility for such decisions.