Our view of D&I at F&LC

Message from the President & CEO

Recognizing each other,
Towards building a society where people can work
with the Challenging spirit that may even deviate from the norm.
We aim to promote D&I in the ways that are expected
of F&LC and take another leap forward together
with our people who have diverse personal qualities.

President & CEO
Koichi Mizutome

Our corporate philosophy at FOOD & LIFE COMPANIES includes the action guideline: “Diversity and respect for individuality”. Accepting diversity and leveraging the personal qualities of each individual while helping them develop is what a company must do to continue providing value to all stakeholders. I believe that when our workers feel they are participating in their company or organization in their own ways they achieve personal development and new value is created, which translates into the social contribution that we aim to achieve.

We have continued to enhance the performance of our business since our foundation. I believe that our growth has been driven by nothing less than the personal development and active participation of each one of our employees, who are diverse in terms of gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, ability and other attributes.

In 2021, we established the D&I Promotion Committee, whose members include internal and external officers. Having set listening to the voices of employees as a priority task, we have been engaged in activities including awareness-raising activities to deepen understanding of D&I, the establishment of systems for building a better working environment and the enhancement of measures to develop human resources.I am sure that each one of these initiatives will be a part of the foundation for even more active participation and even more brilliant accomplishments by our diverse people.

We will continue to exceed customers’ expectations for Umai! (Tastes good!), bring excitement beyond imagination, and ensure their satisfaction is higher than our prices together with more and more colleagues while promoting D&I and implementing outside-the-box thinking as is expected of F&LC.

D&I Promotion Framework


D&I is promoted as part of the activities of the Sustainability Promotion Committee, which is established with the aim of further sustainable development of COMPANIES & society.
The presidents and executive officers of each company play the role of supporters to promote D&I initiatives across COMPANIES smoothly. They confirm, provide advice, and assist in promotion of proposals and issues raised by workshops made up of volunteer employees and the D&I Promotion Team. Having set listening to the voices of employees as a priority task, companies and departments are working together to complete measures.

Workshop meetings


The Workshop meets to consider various initiatives for promoting D&I in a company-wide manner. The Workshop consists of diverse human resources in terms of gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, ability, company, position, job category and other attributes.
The gathering of members from different workplaces leads to lively discussion, including the exchange of information, and enables them to review the current environment from diverse perspectives. Recommendations are given by the D&I Promotion Committee about current internal issues and necessary systems and measures that were studied and considered through the Workshop’s activities. Thus, efforts are being made to realize these measures.
The activities of Workshop members are a great driving force for the D&I of F&LC as a whole.

Promotion of understanding

To deepen each employee’s understanding of D&I, we create opportunities for them to learn about the purposes of promoting D&I and initiatives to achieve it. For example, we publish the internal D&I Newsletter every month. In the newsletter, we introduce employees accomplishing brilliant things in their own ways by capitalizing on their personal qualities. We are thus improving employees’ ability to accept diversity.


D&I Newsletter (an internal newsletter themed on D&I) distributed to raise awareness


Raising awareness at a meeting of restaurant managers